So your best friend’s getting married in six weeks and you want to look hot in the cleavage-baring, spandex-like dress that Ms. Bridezilla has foisted upon her hapless bridesmaids, whom she’s confused with Jennifer Lopez.  What’s your best option?

 A)     Go with the flow and buy the gown in your current size.

B)      Commit to losing 5 pounds in six weeks and go a size smaller.

C)      Swear a blood oath to lose 30 pounds in six weeks by embarking on a starvation diet and injecting yourself daily with a hormone made from the urine of pregnant women that is thought to cause morning sickness.

D)     Leave the country until after the wedding.

 Many women apparently would choose C) the hCG diet, which, in addition to adopting a daily routine similar to that of a heroin addict, requires consuming only 500 calories a day.