Q: Why 30 by 50?

A: Well, 25 seemed like kind of a small goal. Thirty-five, on the other hand, could be a stretch. Plus, it’s better to have a round number. So 30 was the obvious choice.

As for 50, I needed a deadline, and how convenient is it that I’m turning 50 in six months? It’s perfect!

Q: Don’t you feel weird revealing not only your weight but your age on the Internet?

A: It’s kind of hard to write a weight loss blog without talking about my weight.  And I’m not hung up about my age.  Despite the name of the blog, the numbers aren’t what’s really important here.  What’s important is going beyond the numbers to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes but is not solely predicated on having a healthy weight.

Q: How is keeping a blog going to help you lose weight?

A: It’s a publicly declared commitment, sort of like a chastity vow, only much, much different. Besides, as a former journalist, I work well under pressure.

Q: What if you fail to lose 30 by 50?

A: Obviously, I will be forced to admit that I am a total failure.

Q: Really?

A: No, not really. But it would be a disappointment. However, I intend not to fail.

Q: What’s your strategy?

A: Work out a lot. Really push myself, although I need to start slow. Eat less, and eat more healthily. It’s not all that complicated, but you have to work at it.

Q: Is that really you in the picture?

A: Yes, that’s me.

Q: You didn’t pay someone to take that, did you?

A: No, I took that myself with my webcam. Thank you.

Q:  You appear to be unhappy.  Do you not like apples?

A:  I love apples.   But I love Haagen-Dazs more.

Q: You don’t look that fat in the photo.

A: That’s because I carry it in my body, not my face.

Q:  Your tagline suggests that you consider yourself middle-aged.  Do you really believe you will live to be 100?

A:  I’m optimistic.  Besides, it’s good to have a goal.

Q: Just how frequently asked are these questions?

A: I’m going to have to monitor that and get back to you.


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