Week Whatever: Progress Is Slow!


This is me not obsessing about my weight.

It’s been a while since I posted, due to a combination of frustration, embarrassment and, oddly enough, hope — hope that, if I wait one more day or one more week, I’ll have lost a couple more pounds that I can report.  And I have lost a little bit since my last post about two weeks ago (that was Week 9, making this Week 11).  I weighed in at 179.5 this morning, down 2 pounds, but still above my low, 177.5, about six weeks ago, before my whirlwind wining-and-dining tour of such exotic locales as San Juan and Cleveland.

Honestly, I thought I would be further along on the weight loss journey by now.  I thought I would have lost much more.  Five-and-a-half pounds isn’t much to show for 11 weeks of effort.

Deep down, though, I know I haven’t been trying hard enough.  The ugly truth is that I hate dieting, although Weight Watchers very deliberately bills itself as a plan, not a diet.  Still, it comes down to eating less overall and especially less of certain things that I enjoy very much, like wine, cheese, anything salty and crunchy … I could go on, but you get the picture.



Week 9: Getting My Mojo Back!


Where have I been the last six weeks?  Seems like  here, there and everywhere.  Not that it’s been terrible, mind you.  You can’t really complain when you’re flitting about to places like San Francisco, LA, San Juan and DC.  (You could grouse a bit about Cleveland, Ohio,  but it was my own idea to go there for work, so I can’t.)

The point is that I haven’t had much of a routine lately.

Which is a roundabout way of saying that I have strayed from my mission.  You know, the whole losing 30 by 50 thing?

Which is why I am where I am today: 181.5 pounds.  That’s a full 4 pounds over what I weighed three weeks ago, when I was 177.5.  So my net loss after nine weeks is only 3.5 pounds.  Not very impressive. 

Not that I am surprised, given what I’ve been doing — and not doing — lately.

And yet, I have to tell you that I am not discouraged either.  Now that I am back home, with no looming travel obligations, I am psyched to be in my routine again. 


Week 6: Back on Track


Strolling the canals of Venice, CA -- not the same as hitting the gym, but it's still exercise.

I didn’t plan on taking a 3-week hiatus.  But, with two mini-vacations — one in California and another in Puerto Rico — followed by a brief period of just plain laziness, that’s exactly what happened.

I was not terribly virtuous during this period, despite my exemplary intentions.  For example, I brought gym clothes with me to both California and Puerto Rico.  But I forgot to pack sports bras for my trip to LA, and in San Juan, I slept in too late most days to hit the gym before hitting the beach.  When we weren’t eating out in LA, I cooked — vegetarian, healthy, low-cal and low-fat.  I even made a vegetarian black bean chili for Super Bowl Sunday, but fell prey to the chips and salsa (a particular weakness of mine) that had been arrayed for other, non-dieting people. 

By the time I flew to San Juan, only a few days after returning from the West Coast, my resolve had seriously deteriorated.  My first lunch there at a company picnic, I ate both a hamburger and a hot dog!  (The hamburger definitely wasn’t worth it, but I’ll never forget that hot dog.)  On the buffet line that night, I exercised an unseemly lack of discipline.  And I don’t even like buffet food.

So it was with a heavy sigh that I stepped on to the scale this morning, expecting the worst.

I couldn’t believe what I saw:  177.5.  Down a pound from my last weigh-in three weeks ago!  Just in case, I stepped off the scale.  Stepped on again.  It still said 177.5.


Week 3: Progress Happens!


My scale continues to surprise me in ways both pleasant and mysterious.  I lost 3 pounds this week, dropping from 181.5 to 178.5 — first I’ve been below 180 since August.

And, since making my declaration three weeks ago, I’ve lost a total of 6.5 pounds.  Only 23.5 to go by June 20!

I admit that I am surprised by the pace of my own progress.  Obviously I’m doing something right here, but I am by no means the perfect dieter.  I still drink more wine than is recommended (that would be virtually none) for optimal weight loss.  I continue to have my setbacks with compulsive eating — like the night I ate half of a large bag of peanuts.  I’m sure I could have eaten a whole bag, but I only had the half to begin with.  At least they weren’t salted.

And although I work out regularly, there’s nothing maniacal or over-the-top about my workouts.  I made it to the gym four times this week.  I only did the eliptical once or twice.  Other than that, I just did my four miles of fast-walking on the track.  Not all that impressive.

So, what exactly am I doing right?


Week 2: The Song Remains The Same

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I dreaded stepping onto the scale this morning.  You can probably guess why:  I got cocky after losing 3.5 pounds my first week on the new plan.  As a result, I got sloppy.

I knew, for certain, that I would weigh in higher today than a week ago.  The question was:  How much higher?  Just how bad was I the last seven days?

So I was relieved — and surprised — when the read-out told me I was 181.5 pounds, exactly what I weighed a week ago. 


Week 1: Down 3.5 LBs!


There’s nothing like losing weight to reinforce your motivation to keep losing weight.  So I’m happy to report that, a week into my plan, I’ve lost 3.5 pounds, weighing in at 181.5. 

Now I know from experience that the weight you lose early on is generally the weight that’s easiest to lose.  It would be unusual — and unhealthy — to continue losing weight at this pace.  (Plus, I would reach my 30-pound weight loss goal in just over two months.  What would I have to blog about until June?)  Nor can I assume that my weight loss journey will proceed in a nice, straight line, without any setbacks.  There may be weeks when I gain back a pound or two.  In fact, there probably will be.

The important thing is to keep going — whether you had a good week or a not-so-good one.  The weekly weigh-in offers an opportunity to look back at the previous week and determine what worked well, where you had difficulties and how you might overcome them in the future.  Be honest with yourself.  (Although you don’t have to be like me, and be honest with the world by blogging about it, if you don’t want to.)


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