How is that life always gets in the way of our plans? 

My plan, for example, is simple enough:  Lose 30 pounds by careful, more conscious eating (some might call that “dieting” but I’m looking for a longer-term, more satisfying approach here) and being more physically active, mainly at the gym.

Yet, how easily that plan is scrapped!

Yesterday, I was rushing around, trying to get ready for a business trip to Cleveland, and I forgot to weigh in – until after I got dressed.  Well, I wasn’t going to get undressed just to weigh myself, and I wasn’t going to weigh in fully dressed.  The weigh-in would have to wait until after my trip. 

Besides, to be honest, I knew I’d be up.  The day before, I’d weighed in at 179 — 1.5 pounds more than the week before.  I knew why, too:  a trip to Washington, DC, packed with business lunches and dinners with friends that were definitely not part of my plan.

I’ll make up for it over the weekend, I thought.


Suffice to say, I did not make up for it over the weekend.  I did go to the gym one day.  And I cleaned my apartment (I think that counts as some sort of exercise).  But eating/drinking-wise, not good.  I had myself a  little too much fun.

And then yesterday, a miserable day, spent mostly at the Philadelphia airport, trying to get to Cleveland for work.  During that time, my hoarse throat and annoying cough blossomed into a full-blown cold, with much sneezing, deep-chest coughing, nose-blowing and throat-lozenge-sucking.

Poor, poor, pitiful me.  What can I do to cheer myself up? 

You can see where this is going:  a road that leads to french fries, pasta and buttered dinner rolls!

My friend Linda told me about a conversation she recently had with another woman regarding their dieting travails.  Linda’s complainsts were largely the same as mine:  Life gets in the way of your plans, and then you say “oh, what the hell!”

Her friend, a very wise woman, pointed out:  “If you’re driving down the highway, and you miss your exit, do you keep on going 50 miles in the wrong direction?  Of course not!  You get off at the next exit and turn around!”

Very insightful.  Yet so simple. 

So, today is a new day.  Let’s get turned around in the right direction.